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Hop Dosing Skid

A new generation of beers with a more pronounced and aromatic hop flavour is getting more and more interest from a broad beer drinking audience, let by the IPA (India Pale Ale) revolution. Whilst these specialty beer volumes are increasing, the current dry-hopping techniques face challenges coping with bigger volumes of hop and are often time consuming, beer spoiling and complex.

  • Fully automated solution based on Siemens TIA portal
  • Continuous dosing process
  • Unlimited batch hop volumes
    • Fast intake
    • Guaranteed zero oxygen pick-up
  • Efficient hop usage and better aroma intake
  • Total dry-hopping solutions with
    • Raiser pipe
    • AJET tank jet mixer solution
    • Alfa Laval's IMXD rotary jet mixer
  • Beer transfer pump functionality included
  • Versatile additive dosing (coffee, spices, dried fruit, etc.)
  • Fully CIP-able
Hop Dosing Skid